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Chris Orbach: Photos

Chris at The Rockwood, 9/1/05

Rockwood Music Hall, 7/22/05

Acousticland, 7/22 at the Rockwood w/ Stew
Chris at The Rockwood, 7/22
Chris at The Rockwood, 7/22

CB's Gallery, 6/30/05

Chris at CB's Gallery, 6/30/05
CB's Gallery 6/30/05
CB's Gallery 6/30/05

CB's Gallery, 3/11/05

March 11th at CB's Gallery, playing the show with what turned out to be a two-inch gash in my least I knew where the mike was!
Chris at CB's Gallery, 3/11/05
After the show, and the hospital -- to the Galaxy for a much-needed chocolate shake.  Clearly the most "Rock and Roll" I've ever looked. Dude.  3/11 and cutting room photos by the fabulous Avril Korman.

Making The Record

Re-laying the acoustic track to "Alphaville" (the take from the rhythm track date was a little buzzy..file under T.M.I.)
Stew Cutler, lead guitar, co-producer, musical director
Graham Hawthorne -- Drums, percussion, co-producer
John Montagna, bass
The Urban Horns -- L to R: Paul Vercesi, Tony Orbach, Kevin Batchelor
Tim Regusis, Keyboards
Engineer Rod Hohl, lost in Pro Tools (bless his heart)
Chris in overdub purgatory..ARRRGH!
What you need when you're producing your own record!  This was in the iso booth at Mission Sound : )
The Dark Knight of Stuyvesant Town
Back Cover photo from the CD

Older shots

Duo Show Setup
Ah, the Jurassic Period -- pre-band acoustic duo.
Duo Show...ohh, the pain!!
Candle's eye view -- at The Cutting Room.
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