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Chris Orbach: Photos

The most fun I have at a show is listening to my boys.
Stew and Graham, probably holding their peace while I say something silly.
Stew's all fingers hurt just looking at him!
If at all possible, bring your own mike (who knows where theirs has been?)
Lean On Me, Starring Stew Cutler -- Gallery, 7/26/06
Treble Yell -- Gallery, 7/26/06
..and more subdued.  Gallery, 7/26/06
Back at Plan B
Playing a new tune, "Long Lost Son", at Plan B, 5/8/06 -- Stew insisted I play it solo..
Me and the boys, at WVIA, after our live-in-the-studio session.


Stew and Graham, setting up in Syracuse
Stew warms up in Syracuse (it was chilly)
John, taking a break, Syracuse.

CB's Gallery, 10/28/05

Stew at CB's Gallery -- nylon strings are so relaxing!
Graham Hawthorne, a study in time -- 10/28 @ cb's gallery
John, Tag, Johann, Sir all your names I adore you!
Paul and Tony at CB's Gallery, 10/28
Chris at CB's Gallery, 10/28
Chris taking a solo (he can't cross his fingers at the same time..)
Tony Orbach, tenor sax
Sometimes, I like to sit and hear Stew play..
Ahh, the breadth and scope.  Well, it was a fun show.  Live shots by Avril Korman and Andrew Marks.  New home shots by Susan Egan.

Rockwood Music Hall, 9/1/05

Barre chords in F still make me wince...(shrug)..Rockwood, 9/1
Stew Cutler and Tim Regusis, Rockwood, 9/1
John at Rockwood 9/1
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